The Thrown Gauntlet Festival features work from dozens of artists at various stages of their career, selected for the merit of their work and their desire to share their art in the domestic setting of the festival.

Here are some of the artists and performances across the three days.

Visual Arts

Antonina Szram is a fine artist who works by material rather than form - deconstructing, examining and reconstructing it. Moving to Denmark in the mid 80's (from Poland) influenced her practice which has been voyeuristic, a rendezvous with culture-capture torn between Eastern and Western European meanings. "It has been social studies as a response to my obsession to understand the different cultures I have been thrown into in my childhood and including the one I am in today." She is showing her video installation, 'Fairy on 4th Hollow Street' at the Festival. You can see more of her work here.

Ken Turner is a veteran artist, who's first exhibited his work in the 50's and who has painted, written, taught, performed an exhibited across the country and internationally since then.

In his latest project Codswallop concerns corruptible perception, he uses performance and improvisation to directly engage and confront his audience, whoever they may be, to consider their stance on the world and their ability to see it clearly, as demonstrated in his most recent piece at the St Ives Festival.

At The Thrown Gauntlet Festival he will be delivering and leading a public improvised workshop, creating using paint, paper, body and voice to explore perception and artistry


Ella Squirrell is exhibiting her new works that merge her interest in abstraction with figuration.

"I am preoccupied with a balancing of figuration along with the autonomous materiality of paint itself. I am engaged with colour, in observations of people and place, but not only from what is seen and investigated in my photography but also describing what is remembered, recalled and understood in a moment, therefore I am interested in a whole experience and expressing this through painting."

Not only a visual artist Ella Squirrell is also singer who musically captures the every-day occurrence of life with in an angelic light. She will be closing The Thrown Gauntlet Festival on Sunday night Jacobs Ladder Inn. You can her song Luna here courtesy of Red Van Records

...and then another 30 works across painting, performance art, installation, photography and sculpture across the festival.


Tene Tur Dance present an exploration into emotional connections between living things. The first work from this new company, it will be based upon the free flowing, fleeting and lasting relationships people take with other as we go through life. It will be performed various times throughout both days.

In situ, a collaboration between choreographer Rebecca Moss and visual artist Megan Fatharly, is a site-specific work that investigates domesticity through their two mediums of dance and drawing. 'In Situ' explores how we as artists can reimagine everyday lived in spaces into creative entities, approaching the opportunity to reclaim our creativity back from the spaces we have been boxed into and let the everyday reinspire us. 'In Situ' is being shown on Sunday 28th across the festival.


Our cinema house will host a rolling programme of films including....

  • Ode to the Night by Dominique de Villiers, Freja King, Katie Jones and Rusne Stankeviciute, is a poetic documentary about solitude, tranquillity and everyday pressures that come with responsibilities for every human being.

  • Turned 18 self-portrait in film by Lulu Freeman & Nadja Redman reflective upon the helta-skelta life of being 18 years old and the pace of life that drags you along.

  • Iceberg by Jude Lilley is and experimental film that explore the way in which one can expose or set free the inner workings of their subconscious while can remain anonymous to oneself.

  • It's a shame you don't wear heels, you'd look so pretty by Sophie May is an attempt to visualise the things that people feel inside of them. It magnifies the way that small things can really get to people despite their apparent insignificance.

  • Theatre

    Theatre will appear all over the festival, from a dedicated space, to performances in bathrooms, front rooms and unexpected places! The theatre program includes...

    Spaghetti For Brains present Pig Latin . A scratch reading of a new play by Ben Kritikos which explores the weaponisation of language in an age of bullshit.

    A Slightly Lonely Party is an immersive piece by Slightly Average (www. . This is a party where you can embrace, discuss and feel your loneliness without any hesitation or worry. We all get lonely but it's about time we talk about it, and why not have fun while doing it? There will be snacks. There will be lots and lots (and lots) of balloons.

    Halfway to Carthage by Floss Hoffman. Using music and spoken word she explores a comparison between our own society, eg Theresa May's Great Britain, and ancient civilizations such as Carthage, led by Dido.

    The Social Tummy by Andrea Hoff Utne is a playful piece investigating the stigma about pooping and farting especially as a woman. It explores the thoughts you have when you suddenly realize you cannot control your body.


    Poetic recital will appear in all sorts of spaces. Each day has four-hour long recitals each with different performers and they will also be there to intervene, displace and arrest with a crack team of gorilla poets on the street.

    Tigrr the Poet (alias Teige Maddison) is a poet who combines spoken word lyricism with hard hitting, open hearted stories from his life. He is a poet that can stop you, and make you go again. You hear and read some of his work here.

    T.S. Idiot is a poet and a maverick. Sometimes to be spotted as a banana, or perhaps railing at racists and estate agents or reciting love songs about astronauts.
    He is performing at across the festival and as part of The Uncollective Cabaret: Thrown Gauntlet Festival. An interactive cabaret of performance and art at The Thrown Gauntlet Festival 2-5 on Saturday!


    Music will be heard in many places across the festival. With acoustic performance during the days and live music (muddles up with Poetry, Theatre and Film) at Jacobs Ladder Inn, across the three nights, there is something for everyone.


    Sunbruise, Ronnie Cook, Majaro, Andrew Loveday and Naveed CB


    The Melanies, Madam President, Cpt.Prang, Luke Moss, Floralyn George, Jack and the Ferrymen, Dan James, Will Hawkins, Mia & Tuesday, Elf Machina & Ybot and Marius


    Ella Squirrell, Mia & Tuesday, Will Hawkins, Animal Bar, Lunacci, Ben Greenland

    Here's a little playlist of some of the artists playing across the Festival!